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To book an appointment

  • Please telephone 04884239000 to book an appointment. Our initial assessment is usually completed in approximately 2 hours. This may include assessment by physician (for physical health check), mental health clinician (for comprehensive life history), psychologist (for psychological assessment) , and psychiatrist ( for diagnosis and treatment planning). Allow at least 2 hours to finish all assessments. You must report at the reception 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Appointments will be cancelled if there is a reporting delay of more than 20 minutes.
  • If you need an emergency appointment, please telephone us on 04884239000 . We will try our best to accommodate your need.
  • If you are looking for emergency admission, please ensure that you check bed availability with us in advance. Patients and carers must not transfer patients from other hospitals without confirming the availability of a bed in INMIND.


If you would like to refer a patient you can either ring us on +91 7592 824 141 complete the online form below. If you wish to speak to the psychiatrist, please inform the staff at our reception.

Referral form