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Global Faculty

Visiting Faculty ( Open Mind Centre for Health Education Advocacy, Research and Training , Thrissur , Kerala). Faculty work closely in shaping clinical protocols, policies and procedures. They guide, support and enrich our research agenda. They would also be offering workshops to mental health professionals in the state.

1 .

Dr.Julia Cook (CPsychol, Neuropsychology) :

Principal Clinical Psychologist, NHS.UK

2 .

Dr.Mani Chandran MD FRCPsych :

Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, NHS,UK

3 .

Dr.Bindu Poornamodan MRCPsych :

Consultant in Child & Adolescent Mental Health,NHS, UK

4 .

Dr.Jooly Joseph MD, MRCP, FRCR :

consultant in Neuro Radiology ( Imaging in Psychiatry)

5 .

Dr.Umadevi K MRCPCH :

Consultant in paediatric endocrinology. (Endocrinedisorders and mental health)

6 .

Dr.Sherly Bhaskaran MD FRCA :

Consultant Anaesthetist. (Anaesthesia and ECT)

7 .

Dr.Ramani Das MD MRCPsych :

Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS, UK. ( Primary care and mental health)

8 .

Dr Joe Johnson, MRCPsych :

Consultant in ADHD and Related Disorders in adults, UK.

9 .

Dr.Ravi PN, MRCPsych :

Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry, NHS, UK

10 .

Dr.Ann Kalinska PhD :

Clinical Psychologist. Psychological interventions in inpatient settings, NHS,UK.

11 .

Mr.Tim Webb

Specialist clinical Psychopharmacologist, NHS,UK

12 .

Dr.Radhika Kanesan MRCPsych .

Quality indicators in mental health

13 .

Dr.Christina Hofberg MRCPsych .

Consultant in perinatal mental health

14 .

Dr.Satheesh MRCGP, UK .

General practice and total health approach

15 .

Dr.Madan Mohan FRCS, UK .

Universal health care models

16 .

Dr.Guru Sreenivasan MRCPsych

Consultant in Community Psychiatry, NHS, UK

17 .

Dr.Indra Ray MRCPsych

Consultant in Forensic Psychiatry , NHS, UK.

18 .

Dr.Sudharshan MRCPsych

Consultant in Neuropsychiatry,NHS, UK

19 .

Mr.Richard Buley

Specialist in Autism interventions

20 .

Dr. Sumanta Gupta MRCPsych ,

Consultant Psychiatrist ( Intensive care)

21 .

Dr. Tungaraza MD, MRCPsych,

Consultant Psychiatrist ( Rehabilitation)

22 .

Dr.Ruth Harding PhD: Clinical Psychologist .

CBT Therapist,UK

23 .

Dr. Honeyia Minhas, MRCP, FCEM :

Consultant in Emergency Medicine,UK.

24 .

Miss. Soumya PG :

Management Consultant, Bangalore, India.

25 .

Dr. Vivek Jayaswal :

Consultant in Biostatistics, Bangalore, India.


We work with Openmind, a mental health charity that run the Open Mind Centre for Research and Training. Our staff hold honorary positions as researchers here. Openmind has a large visiting faculty from UK. Openmind works with local self governments and social organisations to improve lives of those with mental health problems. Inmind run research and training projects jointly with Openmind and other institutions.